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Can Sanctions Work Against Central Asian Kleptocracies?

It’s no secret that kleptocracy is a problem in every Central Asian country.

It’s no secret that kleptocracy is a problem in every Central Asian country. The presidents, their families, and close associates all seem to live very well while their populations can barely make ends meet. Might sanctions help rein in these excesses? Joining host Bruce Pannier to discuss this issue are guests Eldiyar Arykbaev, senior investigative reporter and coordinator for Central Asia at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project; Tom Mayne, a research fellow at Oxford University and co-investigator on the Providing the Evidence and Analysis for a UK Counter-Kleptocracy Strategy project; and Leila Seiitbek, chairwoman of the NGO Freedom for Eurasia and a member of the working group advocating for a global Every Woman treaty to end all forms of violence against women and girls.

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Each week, host Bruce Pannier welcomes a panel of expert guests to discuss significant political developments and pressing social issues affecting the nations of Central Asia.

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