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Central Asia’s Rising Global Profile And How That Affects Governance At Home

Central Asia has never enjoyed so much international attention as it has since Russia launched its full-scale war on Ukraine.

Central Asia has never enjoyed so much international attention as it has since Russia launched its full-scale war on Ukraine. The search for new, non-Russian trade routes and energy resources to replace Russian oil and gas supplies is leading many countries to strengthen their ties with the Central Asian states. One sign of this is the world tour the Central Asian leaders (as members of the C5 group of states) have been on in 2023, traveling to meet with heads of state in China, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and other countries. This new popularity has changed the fortunes of the Central Asian countries, but also the manner in which the leaders govern their countries. Joining host Bruce Pannier to discuss all this are guests Catherine Putz, managing editor at The Diplomat magazine, Nargis Kassenova, senior fellow and director of the program on Central Asia at Harvard Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, and Luca Anceschi, professor of Central Asian studies at Glasgow University.

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