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RFE/RL Adds Georgian Broadcasts

A soldiers hops off an ATV vehicle. Black smoke and fire rise in the background.

TBILISI, Georgia — Until further notice, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Georgia Service will be adding a fourth hour of live, primetime news coverage to its listeners in Georgia and surrounding areas. Since the fighting broke out, RFE/RL’s Tbilisi bureau has deployed correspondents throughout the country, reporting from the front lines of the battle zones. [See exclusive photos of a town under attack]

“With the Russian and Georgian media providing, at times, wildly different accounts of what is actually happening on the ground, our listeners are depending on us for accurate, objective information,” says David Kakabadze, RFE/RL Georgia Service Director. “Our journalists are sorting through the ethnic and nationalist passions stirred up by this conflict in order to let people on both sides of the conflict know what is really taking place in their cities.”

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RFE/RL’s Georgian Service began broadcasting in March 1953 as part of Radio Liberty broadcasting to the Soviet Union. Over the years, it has established a tradition for high professional standards for its news reporting and is widely regarded as the only objective and unbiased source of information in Georgia. Since 1997, RFE/RL has maintained a bureau in Tbilisi.