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RFE/RL Expands Broadcasts To Moldova

(Washington, DC–February 19, 2001) RFE/RL President Thomas A. Dine announced today that Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is dramatically increasing its broadcasts dedicated to Moldova.

RFE/RL, Dine said, “has been the only international broadcaster with a program dedicated to Moldova since its Romanian Service opened a bureau in Chisinau and began carrying 25 minutes a day of special programming for Moldova in 1997.” Even before that time, RFE/RL broadcast special weekly broadcasts to that republic.

Now, the RFE/RL president said, “our broadcasts will increase to one hour a day five days a week.” In recognition of the importance of this new effort, Dine said that the Romanian Service will now be known as the Romania-Moldova Service.

Because Moldovans can fully understand Romanian programming, Dine pointed out, many have assumed that Moldova does not need its own special broadcasts.

But as valuable and useful as the Romanian Service programming has been for Moldovans, he continued, “RFE/RL’s new and expanded program of broadcasts to Moldova is a recognition of the importance of that country and its people.”

The newly expanded broadcasts will be prepared by a broadcaster in Prague, the staff of the Chisinau bureau and ten journalists in the country working as stringers. In addition, these programs will draw on the work of other staffers in the Romania-Moldova Service.