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Tijana currently works as a journalist at Mina News Agency, where she covers daily socio-political news and hosts the video podcast MINA Intervju. She has previous journalistic experience from Gradski Portal, Inforbiro/Mediabiro video agency, and Antena M radio and portal, where she conducted interviews, reported on human interest stories, distributed press releases, and managed social media. During her time as a media monitor at OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights’ election observation mission, she monitored and analyzed the programs and articles related to electronic and print media on the national level. Tajiana is a member and co-founder of The Association of Science Journalists of Montenegro. She published articles including “Film as a Propaganda Tool: USA and USSR During the Cold War” andHidden Advertisement in Printed Media”19). In 2021, Tijana attended a Tech Camp in Kosovo on countering disinformation in the Balkans. She was also involved in student-led journalistic organizations such as Student radio KRŠ, Radio Crne Gore, and student portal Tragom. Tijana has a postgraduate degree in journalism from the University of Montenegro. Besides her native Serbo-Croatian, she is fluent in English, has limited proficiency in French, and has a beginner-level understanding of German and Italian. 

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