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Glória: RFE’s Portuguese Launchpad Over The Iron Curtain

Within two months of Radio Free Europe’s (RFE) first transmission in July 1950 via the 7,500kw mobile shortwave transmitter affectionately known as “Barbara,” the executives that established RFE were already…

Holzkirchen: RFE’s First Medium Wave ‘Voice of Freedom’

May 1, 2021 marked the 70th anniversary of Radio Free Europe’s (RFE) first medium wave broadcast, from Munich, Germany to Czechoslovakia.

Barbara: The Original Voice Of RFE

Barbara represents everything Radio Free Europe has represented for the past seventy years.

How Liberty Came To Russia

On August 19, 1991, a military coup was attempted in Moscow. Instead of reporting on the event, Soviet television broadcast the ballet, Swan Lake.

A Place of Heroes and Hope, RFE/RL’s Headquarters at Prague-Hagibor

RFE/RL broadcasts daily from Prague-Hagibor, a site connected for more than a century with offering help and hope to people in need.

Lofty Balloon Campaign Brought RFE Audiences Uncensored Information, Across Frontiers

With its first on-air message on July 4, 1950, Radio Free Europe (RFE) began its mission of providing uncensored news and information to people denied the right of access to…

RFE/RL Remembers Its Fallen Afghan Colleagues

On the anniversary of the deaths of RFE/RL journalists Sabawoon Kakar, Abadullah Hananzai, and Maharram Durrani, who were killed in coordinated suicide bomb attacks in Kabul in April 2018, RFE/RL…

‘RFE/RL Will Continue To Be Heard’: Carlos the Jackal and The Bombing of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, February 21, 1981

‘Four of our employees are injured, our building is damaged, but RFE/RL will continue to be heard.’

The First Broadcasts of Radio Free Europe’s Czechoslovak Service

On July 4, 1950 RFE broadcast a 30-minute message to audiences in Czechoslovakia, announcing its first-time presence — anywhere — on the air.

RFE/RL’s Balkan Service Marks 25 Years Of Speaking With One Voice

RFE/RL’s Balkan Service this week is marking 25 years of reporting in one of the world’s most contested regions.