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Are Tajik Government Policies Helping Create Terrorists?

Can an authoritarian government’s policies contribute to its citizens becoming terrorists?

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asians Targeted in Russia

In this week’s edition: Central Asians are being targeted in Russia, Kyrgyzstan’s President explains the need for a “foreign representatives” law, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asian Migrants in Russia Living in Fear after Terrorist Attack

In this week’s edition: Central Asian migrants in Russia are living in fear after the recent terror attack, the Kyrgyz government says it foiled an attempt to assassinate top Kyrgyz…

Central Asia in Focus: Doing Business with the Taliban

In this week’s edition: Business relations between the Taliban and Central Asia are blooming, two Kazakh citizens were killed in a Russian anti-terrorism operation, and more.

Journalists in Trouble: Russian Authorities Declare RFE/RL an “Undesirable Organization”

RFE/RL declared “undesirable” in Russia; Russian court upholds Alsu Kurmasheva’s detention; Kazakh authorities block accreditation to RFE/RL journalists; and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Kyrgyz Court Closes Down Kloop

In this week’s edition: a Bishkek court ruled to “liquidate” Kloop Media. Plus Kazakh activists are working to be allowed to gather for International Women’s Day, and more.

Huge EU Investment Program Looks To Expand Middle Corridor To Central Asia

On January 29-30, Brussels hosted an Investors Forum for European Union-Central Asia Transport Connectivity.

Central Asia in Focus: Turkey Pushes Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Deal Forward

In this week’s edition: Turkey pushes the Kyrgyz-Tajik border deal forward. Plus Central Asian states are looking bad in the latest Human Rights Watch 2024 report, and more.

Kazakh Service

In a propaganda-filled media environment, Radio Azattyq offers informed and accurate reporting that exposes corruption and counters Chinese and Russian disinformation.

Central Asia’s Rising Global Profile And How That Affects Governance At Home

Central Asia has never enjoyed so much international attention as it has since Russia launched its full-scale war on Ukraine.