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Central Asia in Focus: Many Problems Surround Bishkek Violence on May 17-18

In this week’s edition: South Asian students in Bishkek are targeted during a night of violence, Kazakh flood victims are frustrated with the state’s slow response, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: The Kazakh Venue for Peace Talks

In this week’s edition: Almaty will host upcoming talks between the Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are both planning to build nuclear power plants, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Kazakhstan’s Lower House Passes Controversial Draft Media Law

In this week’s edition: Kazakhstan’s lower house of parliament passed a controversial draft media law, massive dust storms are hitting Central Asia, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asians Targeted in Russia

In this week’s edition: Central Asians are being targeted in Russia, Kyrgyzstan’s President explains the need for a “foreign representatives” law, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asian Migrants in Russia Living in Fear after Terrorist Attack

In this week’s edition: Central Asian migrants in Russia are living in fear after the recent terror attack, the Kyrgyz government says it foiled an attempt to assassinate top Kyrgyz…

Central Asia in Focus: Doing Business with the Taliban

In this week’s edition: Business relations between the Taliban and Central Asia are blooming, two Kazakh citizens were killed in a Russian anti-terrorism operation, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Uzbekistan to Spend $500m to Prep for More Russian Gas Imports

In this week’s edition: Uzbekistan will spend $500m to prep for more Russian gas imports, the price of flour and bread jumps in Turkmenistan, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Kyrgyz Court Closes Down Kloop

In this week’s edition: a Bishkek court ruled to “liquidate” Kloop Media. Plus Kazakh activists are working to be allowed to gather for International Women’s Day, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Uzbek Politician Calls for Pulling the Plug on ‘Chauvinist’ Russian TV

In this week’s edition: an Uzbek politician calls for pulling the plug on chauvinist Russian TV. Plus the end of Raimbek ‘Milliony’ in Kyrgyzstan, and more.

Central Asia in Focus: Turkey Pushes Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Deal Forward

In this week’s edition: Turkey pushes the Kyrgyz-Tajik border deal forward. Plus Central Asian states are looking bad in the latest Human Rights Watch 2024 report, and more.