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Central Asia in Focus: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Claim to Foil Terrorist Plots

In this week’s edition: Kazakh and Kyrgyz authorities detain people suspected of having ties to terrorist groups, the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention calls on Tajik authorities to…

Central Asia in Focus: Russia Continues Sending Central Asians to Ukraine

In this week’s edition: Russia continues to send Central Asians to fight in its full-scale war on Ukraine, the Kazakh government faces criticism over its new media law, and more.

An undated video still shows Hafiz Saeed founder of IS-K, on ​​the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in January 2015.

Central Asia in Focus: ISKP Members Detained in Kyrgyzstan

In this week’s edition: multiple ISKP members were detained in Kyrgyzstan, a Tajik town lives in fear of mysterious men in black, and more.

Maulen Ashimbayev appears during his swearing-in as Chairman of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan on May 4, 2024.

Central Asia in Focus: The Difficult Russian Partner

In this week’s edition: Russia is on the minds of parliamentary leaders in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Tajik authorities published their updated list of groups that are banned in Tajikistan, and…

A crowd looms during the night of unrest and violence against Pakistani students in Bishkek on May 18, 2024.

Central Asia in Focus: Many Problems Surround Bishkek Violence on May 17-18

In this week’s edition: South Asian students in Bishkek are targeted during a night of violence, Kazakh flood victims are frustrated with the state’s slow response, and more.

An image of Dauren Abaev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia since 2023.

Central Asia in Focus: The Kazakh Venue for Peace Talks

In this week’s edition: Almaty will host upcoming talks between the Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are both planning to build nuclear power plants, and more.

Image of a woman walking through a dust storm blowing through Dushanbe, Tajikistan from September 30, 2016

Central Asia in Focus: Kazakhstan’s Lower House Passes Controversial Draft Media Law

In this week’s edition: Kazakhstan’s lower house of parliament passed a controversial draft media law, massive dust storms are hitting Central Asia, and more.

Three images: on the left, a man with a blurred face stands in a destroyed dormitory hallway. In the middle, a line of men stand holding each others' shoulders from behind stands in the street; a pair of men appear to be approaching from behind. The rightmost image depicts another part of the hall from the first image, but one of the doors are opened to expose a broken hole that runs almost the length and width of the door.

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asians Targeted in Russia

In this week’s edition: Central Asians are being targeted in Russia, Kyrgyzstan’s President explains the need for a “foreign representatives” law, and more.

Clockwise from top left: Dalerjon Mirzoev, Faridun Shamsiddin, Muhammadsobir Faizov, and Saidakram Rajabalizoda attend a remand hearing at the Basmanny District Court on March 24, 2024. Each of the men looks injured to varying extents; the right side of Shamsiddin's face is severely swollen, and Faizrov has two black eyes in addition to facial swelling.

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asian Migrants in Russia Living in Fear after Terrorist Attack

In this week’s edition: Central Asian migrants in Russia are living in fear after the recent terror attack, the Kyrgyz government says it foiled an attempt to assassinate top Kyrgyz…

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