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Three images: on the left, a man with a blurred face stands in a destroyed dormitory hallway. In the middle, a line of men stand holding each others' shoulders from behind stands in the street; a pair of men appear to be approaching from behind. The rightmost image depicts another part of the hall from the first image, but one of the doors are opened to expose a broken hole that runs almost the length and width of the door.

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asians Targeted in Russia

In this week’s edition: Central Asians are being targeted in Russia, Kyrgyzstan’s President explains the need for a “foreign representatives” law, and more.

An image of the logo for the Majlis Podcast, which focus on Central Asian issues

Tajiks In Russia Living In Fear After Moscow Terrorist Attack

Russian security forces arrested several Tajik citizens in the wake of the March 22 attack on the Crocus City Hall outside Moscow that left more than 140 dead.

An image of Alsu Kurmasheva and her two daughters sitting on rocks by a river in New York. Alsu is currently unjustly detained in Russia after she was accused of violating Russia's law on foreign agents.

Russia Extends Detention of Alsu Kurmasheva; Her Imprisonment “As Outrageous Today as It Was Six Months Ago”

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) condemns the latest extension of American journalist Alsu Kurmasheva’s pretrial detention.

Standing in front of a viewpoint at the Grand Canyon, from left to right: Also Kurmasheva's husband, her youngest daughter, Alsu Kurmasheva, and her older daughter.

Journalists in Trouble: Alsu Kurmasheva’s Family Fights for Her in Washington  

Alsu Kurmasheva’s family advocates for her; Vladyslav Yesypenko marks three years in detention; Iran’s judiciary targets RFE/RL journalists; and more. 

Clockwise from top left: Dalerjon Mirzoev, Faridun Shamsiddin, Muhammadsobir Faizov, and Saidakram Rajabalizoda attend a remand hearing at the Basmanny District Court on March 24, 2024. Each of the men looks injured to varying extents; the right side of Shamsiddin's face is severely swollen, and Faizrov has two black eyes in addition to facial swelling.

Central Asia in Focus: Central Asian Migrants in Russia Living in Fear after Terrorist Attack

In this week’s edition: Central Asian migrants in Russia are living in fear after the recent terror attack, the Kyrgyz government says it foiled an attempt to assassinate top Kyrgyz…

Left: Usha Chaudary smiles at the camera. Right: Vance Serchuk smiles at the camera.

Usha Chaudhary, Vance Serchuk Join RFE/RL’s Board of Directors

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) is pleased to welcome Usha Chaudhary and Vance Serchuk to its Board of Directors.

An image of the logo for the Majlis Podcast, which focus on Central Asian issues

Turkmenistan’s Search For New Gas Markets

In the first two weeks of March, Turkmenistan has been unusually active in promoting its potential as a natural-gas supplier.

Pavel Butorin leans over a table to shake hands with Senator Chris Van Hollen.

Family of Detained RFE/RL Journalist Alsu Kurmasheva Meets Top Biden Aides, Lawmakers, Hostage Advocates in Washington, D.C.

The husband and children of American RFE/RL journalist Alsu Kurmasheva—who is spending her 150th day in a Russian prison—spent a productive week in Washington, D.C.

Several dozen men stand behind a red rope at the Kazakh-Afghan business forum.

Central Asia in Focus: Doing Business with the Taliban

In this week’s edition: Business relations between the Taliban and Central Asia are blooming, two Kazakh citizens were killed in a Russian anti-terrorism operation, and more.

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